Bare / Bunched Copper Wire

Bare / Bunched Copper Wire

Copper wire is the most efficient, non-precious metal used to conduct electricity. At KMG these wires are manufactured from latest and renowned NIEHOFF Wire Drawing Machines possessing 99.99% purity. Bunching of wires is done as per the prerequisite of customers to suit their needs. Our standard bunched conductors are widely used in the cable industry. Our range of bunched conductors is recognized for optimum efficiency, long lasting life and versatile usage. With our quality and production capacity, we have proved to be one of the leading suppliers to various industries in our nation.


  • Standard Specification Chart

    • Copper Content :- 99.99% LME Grade
    • Diameter :- Single Wire – 0.110mm to 4mm & Bunched Wire – to
    • Lay Length :- Range 24 to 95
    • Type of Bunching :- Right & Left
    • Tolerance :- 0.001 +/- Micron
    • Surface Condition :- Bright & Annealed
    • Electricity Conductivity :- 100% & above
    • Elongation :- 22% to 34%, as per requirement
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    All our products conforms to IS:694 (Indian Standard) & BS (British Standard) specification