Bare / Bunched Tinned Wire

Bare / Bunched Tinned Wire

Wet environments and other places with high humidity cause bare copper wires corroding and losing their performance. That’s where tinned wire comes into play. Keeping this in mind, KMG manufactures supreme quality tinned bunched copper wires by the process of electroplating which gives uniform coating and economical use of tin. Tin resists corrosion and doesn’t oxidize the plating which helps to protect the copper underneath. Our Tinned bunched wires ensure its effectiveness in high humidity areas; it pays for itself with strong performance and a lot less maintenance. These tinned copper wires are majorly used in solar cables and often used in various marine projects.


  • Standard Specification Chart

    • Copper Content :- 99.99% purity
    • Diameter :- Single Wire – 0.110mm to 4mm & Bunched Wire – to
    • Lay Length :- Range 24 to 95
    • Type of Bunching :- Right & Left
    • Plating :- 0.01 Micron
    • Elongation :- 22% to 34%, as per requirement
    • Tolerance :- 0.001+/- Micron
    • Surface Condition :- Bright & Annealed
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    All our products conforms to IS:694 (Indian Standard) & BS (British Standard) specification